Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen… My Movie Review


I grew up with the Transformers toys and cartoons in the 80’s. My son and I still watch the first Transformers maybe more than 100 times so far, the reason why it was an awesome movie was because the action didnt have to bring the BIG BAD words they r using in Part 2. It is totally unnecessary, it was a disappointment…

What bothers me more is that kids my son’s age (3-8 yrs old) are the biggest market for this movie and its merchandise empire.

This past Wednesday the theater had like 85% of the audience were my son’s age! Some of the Summer Camp school field trips are to the movies so the theater had 5-6 years old there in a field trip… poor kids they had to watch a couple very explicit sex scenes and a movie full of BAD BAD WORDS. I had to cover my son’s eyes a few times and he was in awe every-time he heard the big bad words! He asked me “why do they say so many bad words mommy?” this was a total surprise for my son and myself! the first movie didnt have all that and it was a phenomenal movie!!!!

What is more disturbing is that these kids not only come to watch the movie, but are the very ones that build the Transformers empire by BUYING any product they sell to them with the Transformers image (toys, video games, party stuff, clothing, etc) My son asked me before watching the movie he wanted to ask Santa for the entire Transformers line of toys!!! they are the ones that want the toys they sell and we, parents buy them for them. Little kids are the biggest fans of these kind of movies and hold the purchasing power to buy the merchandise, they make their money relaying on them!!

A friend of mine said “Well the rating says PG13 and the movie is for a mature audience in their middle 20’s…”


First; The rating PG13 is not even accurate, 13 years old shouldnt be watching so much profanity themselves and sex scenes to motivate them to have sexual experiences.

Second; if this movie is for mature audiences, how come the 20 year old + are not the one buying all the merchandise the Transformers empire is selling to the little kids? isnt all that contradictory?

Too bad hollywood doesnt think they r poisoning our little kids with this kind of exposure to vulgar language and sex scenes in movies that clearly the little ones WILL WANT TO WATCH, Hollywood advertises the movie and the toys in all the Disney Channels, Nickelodeon, etc. Channels that in the majority only kids watch, so how is it that parents can know the movies is full of vulgarity and sex scenes if they are advertising to the little kids??!
We, parents dont know it is not appropriate because we trust the advertisement in those channels… obviously no more….

The action, the special effects, the plat, the sound, everything else was awesome, but I for sure wont be buying the movie and let my son watch it more than this time… and of course I dont want to support buying him toys, etc that have transformers in it… if u r a parent and love ur kids, u will understand me.


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