CRITICAL ACTION ALERT: Urge Governor Crist to Sign HB 1143


Please forward this to as many people as possible on your e-mail list:Urge Governor Crist to Sign HB 1143

Prohibits Taxpayer Funding of Abortion;

Requires Ultrasound before Abortion

Please contact Governor Crist immediately and respectfully urge him to sign this crucial pro-life bill into law. Calls are the most preferred, faxes second and e-mails third:

Phone:  (850) 488-7146 or (850)-488-4441

Fax:      (850) 487-0801

Email:    Click the link at the end of this message to send an email to the Governor


On April 30th, the Florida Legislature passed HB 1143, a Healthcare Bill which contains two vital pro-life provisions. This bill was hotly debated in both the House and Senate Chambers in the final week of the Session. It passed the House76 to 44 and the Senate 23 to 16.

Here are the important provisions in HB 1143:

  • Prohibits federal and state taxpayer funding of abortion. The bill does not allow health insurance policies purchased with state or federal funds to provide coverage for abortions.
  • Provides a woman with all available information through technology that will enable her to make a more fully informed decision regarding an abortion. A woman seeking an abortion undergoes an ultrasound, a routine medical procedure to determine gestational age and location of the fetus. She must be offered the opportunity to view the ultrasound image but she may sign a form to opt-out for any reason.

The abortion industry is aggressively opposing this bill and has generated over 1,000 calls to the Governor’s office since the bill was passed asking for the good bill to be vetoed.

The polling shows taxpayer funding of abortion is extremely unpopular with the people.  A December 23, 2009 Quinnipiac poll found that 72% of Americans oppose taxpayer funding of abortions.

Please contact the Governor now to make sure he knows how widespread the support for this bill is across the state.

Sample message for your use or click the link below.

Dear Governor Crist:

I support HB 1143, and I urge you to please sign it into law. The bill prohibits the use of my taxpayer money for the funding of abortions. The bill also provides valuable information to a woman who is making a choice regarding her pregnancy. It is important to me that these provisions become law, and I encourage you to sign HB 1143.

Thank you for your consideration.

Please click here to send an email to the Governor of Florida and get your voice heard!


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